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Utility Week in Birmingham - 3S Antriebe GmbH Co-Exhibiting with R2M

3S Antriebe GmbH from Berlin, Germany, co-exhibited with their local distribution and service partner R2M at Utility Week in Birmingham, UK. R2M offers servicing to utilities in the UK, as well as the distribution of a variety of products including 3S autarkic electric actuators.

3S Antriebe GmbH is extremely proud to present their latest developments in terms of valve maintenance procedures. Also to include LIFE SmartWater, a project co-financed by the European Commission’s Life financial instrument, is a big milestone.

Life SmartWater aims to show fully integrated solutions for actively managing a utilities supply network. It is estimated that within the European Union’s water utilities 30 % of water is lost due to leakages and rupture.

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Life SmartWater technology offers water suppliers the opportunity to integrate sensor management as well as autarkic electric valve actuators into their network. The Utility Week in Birmingham offered 3S Antriebe a great opportunity to network with interested stakeholder, as well as gain greater insight into the requirements specified for automation projects in the UK. Multiple utilities expressed considerable interest in being considered for replication projects in the future.

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