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3S Antriebe GmbH Collaborating with Imbema Denso to Exhibit at Aquatech 2017

3S Antriebe GmbH from Berlin, Germany, collaborated with its Dutch distribution and service partner Imbema Denso to exhibit at Aquatech 2017 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. With more than 20,000 attendees from 140 countries in 2017, Aquatech is one of the world’s leading trade fairs for innovative solution in the area of water technologies.

Imbema Denso is 3S Antriebe’s exclusive distribution partner in the Netherlands. Together they have successfully realized a number of automation projects with multiple local utilities. At Aquatech, 3S Antriebe not only presented some of these projects and the innovative technologies distributed by Imbema Denso, but also included LIFE SmartWater, a project co-fiananced by the European Commission’s Life financial instrument.

Life SmartWater technology is comprised of proprietary technology developed by 3S Antriebe in Germany, specifically combination of sensor management and electric actuators in water supply systems. As a pilot partner in the Netherlands, Oasen – one of the largest water utilities in the region – will implement 20 3S actuators for buried valves and gain access to real-time analysis of their network operations. Oasen will therefore have the opportunity to not only monitor, but also actively act on the condition of their network.

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