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Our Goals

Water is a precious resource that must be protected at all costs. Because of incomprehensible water losses in distribution networks around the world we have made it our mission with the Life SmartWater project to serve communities struggling with their unaccounted losses - or communities and suppliers simply looking for a smarter way to serve their customers. With the help of our remote control actuators that can easily be retrofitted into existing networks, we have a workable solution for suppliers, such as Oasen in Gouda, NL. 

There, we are looking forward to equipping a number of pre-defined valves within the network with our remote and battery operated actuators to support the suppliers efforts to localize leakages more quickly and act accordingly. In detail we will:

install 20 remote control actuators in the target area of two pilot District Metering Areas (DMAs) and integrate them into the existing SCADA systems

save approximately 50 % of water in the targeted DMAs by drastically reducing reaction times to leakages and enabling the supplier (Oasen) to localize leakages more efficiently

reduce CO2 emission from 0.30 per m3 to 0.29 per m3 by efficiently managing the water input according to water losses in the system

successfully replicate the achievements of the pilot project in other European countries, e.g. the UK, France and Hungary

Expected project duration: 01.07.2017 - 30.06.2022

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